Monday, November 23, 2009

Chandler Muller 11

Walking catfish
By: Chandler Muller

Have you ever seen a fish walking on land? There is a fish that does, it is called the walking catfish. The walking catfish can walk on land as long as one hour or more. The walking catfish is only 25 to 40 inches long which is small for a catfish. The walking catfish is gray. They live at the bottom of lakes or in on the top of small ponds. The scientific name is Clarias Batrachus. The walking catfish is torpedo shape with whiskers and a small tail. The walking catfish eat other fish or plants. They will eat their young if they are hungry. They let out toxins that kill plants. In Asia they have a policy 10 cents a fish in a race. They will also feed them poisons so they will die. The walking catfish can spread disease to people. They can go to different places just by walking on land.


  1. Chandler, you should make it SERIOUSLY LONGER. A better description of what it looks like, and why it's so bad for the environment. I'd also like to see some history on it. You also need to have it in paragraphs, LONGer ones.

  2. Chandler,
    You have to FILL THE REQUIREMENTS!!!
    and make it a TON longer. You have to have all 5 paragraphs and have more information more wordchoice.
    Try harder!
    -Lindsey :)

  3. you need to make it longer by a lot

  4. you need to have at least 5 paragraphs good hook must have more word chioce,and make it more intrsting, more disriptive

  5. in trusting that you make it longer, i believe that it will pplay out to meet the requirements.