Saturday, November 28, 2009

The boiga irregularis

The brown tree snake is a dangerous invasive species; invasive species is when an organism that is unknown takes over as an alien invader and seriously damages our ecosystem. If the brown tree snake escapes Guam, it has already destroyed 30% of the bird, snake, and lizard species into extinction.
If it continues to spread, it has already got safely to Hawaii safely from boats, if so much as one escapes the whole worlds ecosystem is at risk.
If something was to happen and the snakes got into Hawaii’s national parks, over 95% of their species would go into extinction. The USDA has spent over $1 million dollars to take care of the sitchuation.
But are they getting every last single snake? Well, not the USDA admits, as about one-in-a-half years ago,7 Boiga Irregularis snuck up and hide in dark places then they made it all the way to their destination, Hawaii, they were discovered alive. Also 7 more made it to Ohio but they were found dead.
But before the program people were coming and going and mean while they didn’t even know they were bringing back alien invaders.
The snake can grow up to 8 feet in length. The scientific name of the brown tree snake is the (Boiga Irregularis).It has the ability to become poisonous if it wants to. If it does, it takes five seconds for the poisonous fangs to bit you. Because its fangs are located in the very back so in order to eat, or poison, it must chew on you. The species is nocturnal, which means it’s only active at night. It travels by car, boat and plane.
Well you’re probably asking how a snake can travel by plane.
When a plane lands the wheels come down inside that plane where the wheels come down, there is an 8 foot opening. Perfect place for a snake to travel undetected. The snake simply crawls up them and will the plane takes off and you have a new vacation only it never goes home.

Nathaniel overmyer

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  1. good job.make sher that your info is the wheel opening is only 5 feet not 8 feet,and
    there are no snakes on Hawaii.